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Mark Simpson
Physician GP
4.8 (103 reviews)
"Dr. Simpson was very kind, thorough, and understanding. His bedside manner was excellent, very laid-back and caring, and he was also very efficient. Highly recommended."
Elizabeth Thomson
Physician GP
4.5 (103 reviews)
"Dr. Thomson is awesome! She listens to all your concerns without downplaying your symptoms. She's very friendly and knowledgeable about everything she discusses. I picked Dr. Thomson and I'm very happy with my decision. I will continue going here and recommend anyone else to do the same."
John Smit
Physician GP
4.7 (103 reviews)
"This is the most pleasant experience I've had at a doctor's office in years. I went for an annual physical and was seen right away. I had no issues and the staff were nice."
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