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Online Booking
Get new appointments 24/7 via booking system on Amodoc, your website, in messengers, or socials without any barriers.
Easily find a provider
The opportunity to book online is vital for your clients. According to Amodoc research, 25% of bookings happen after working hours and in situations when your client is unable to make a call. It can be detrimental to your business when the phone line is busy or left unanswered, as your clients will look elsewhere to make their appointment.
Online bookings increase the likelihood of customer retention: 42% of customers, who made their first booking online, will continue to make over 5 repeated visits to the same provider this way.
of bookings are being done online
of clients book more than 5 times
Amodoc App
Amodoc app is not only the way to stand out from your competitors, but also a great option for online appointment scheduling for your clients. Use app push-notifications to decrease the number of late arrivals by 60% and use loyalty program tools to double repeat visits. Let your clients connect with you on the go.
Social Networks
Your potential clients are more likely to interact with your social pages like Facebook or Instagram. Online Booking Button right on your social pages will increase the audience reach and the number of repeat visits from loyal customers. More than 25% of your subscribers start regularly booking online via social networks.
Get your own 24/7 online personal assistant! Your clients will be able to book appointments via chatbot in their favorite messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, and others.
Chatbot saves your time by talking to multiple number of clients at the same time, answering frequently asked questions, and sending alerts about your special offers.
Help your practice grow faster
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